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Carina Nebula

This image marks almost one year since I acquired my first eq mount and newt and first seriously attempted DSO imaging. It is also the second image from this setup that I am confident enough to publish it here. Collimation has been sorted with the recent purchase of a hotech laser, no longer fiddling with crappy 1.25" to 2" adapters. The only issue I have now is some eccentric stars although it didn't seem to occur in all my frames even though guiding was consistently good (<0.7"rms)

Acquisition Details:

Scope: GSO 8" F/4, flocked, DIY AutoFocuser, DIY Secondary Dew Heater Coma Corrector: SkyWatcher Aplanatic/Quattro Camera: Canon 60D DSLR (Image scale ~1.1"/pixel) Mount: EQ6-R Guide Scope: ZWO 60mm Guide Cam: QHY5LIIC 62x180s Lights @ ISO1600 (3.1 Hours Total Integration) 30x1.76s Flats Acquired with the NINA imaging suite. Guided with PHD2. Mount interface: EQMOD

Processing Details:

Flat Calibration Debayer/Aligned/SFS/LN etc then integrated LF & DBE TGV,MMT NR (JonRista Method) Masked Stretch Star Reduction (LVA Method) Various LHE, Curves, saturation. Minor stretch adjustments with HT. DBE pass 2 HSV Repair (fixed the blown star core colour) Final contrast curve
Date Created: 2019-01-07
Date Posted: 2019-05-06